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Many cats successes! Our fosters are saying it's saving them a lot of blood loss ;) A good tool for taming ferals and scared cats
Great for any dog anytime.  Works with powders, pills, liquid
- I love this stuff!
Home Finders Animal Rescue Society, Vancouver, BC

My regurgitating expert puppy has taken her antibiotics happily with the GooFurr - all week! And so have all the others that have needed medication. Old or young - they all like and take their meds happily. Thank you so very much for making my life a little bit easier!
Yvette Labatte, Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue, Topley, BC

It works like magic!
Brookswood Veterinary Hospital, Langley, BC

We received your sample of smoked salmon paste for pilling cats and had a great success! Dr. Ross really enjoys your product
Peggy at Vedder Mountain Vet Clinic, Chilliwack, BC      

Just wanted to say we LOVE your product ! I run a rescue and have many cats that need meds and this has been such a huge help with those difficult ones ... I can highly recommend !! Thanks for such a great product !
Broken Promises Rescue, Victoria, BC


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