Turn your pet's pills into a delicious salmon paste they can't resist!

GooFurr is the best way to deliver pills to your cats (& dogs too!) GooFurr was developed by a compassionate cat rescuer with the aim of making the experience of administering medication much better for both cats and dogs -  as well as their human caretakers!

When the medication is in pill form, just crush the pill and mix with a small amount of product. Many pets will eat this mixture freely. For extra-finicky animals, wait until they are relaxed and resting, and then smear a thin layer of the medicated mix on their paw or area where they will lick it off themselves. Now medicine time becomes treat time! Giving your pets a pill has never been easier!
GooFurr can be used as a dog training tool and occasionally used as a tasty treat or a topper on dry food.

This product is not harmful to humans. It is all-natural, and contains no preservatives. This product is not meant to be a meal alternative. Each tube contains 42-49 servings. Refrigerate after opening. Once opened, discard after 30 days.
As most 'cat people' know, it is often quite a task to immobilize cats in order to regularly administer medication to them. The process is stressful for the animal and caretaker. Cats become increasingly wary so each time it is more and more difficult to catch them in order to give them their medication. Many cats are good at pretending they've swallowed the pill when they haven't. As soon as they get free, out pops the pill and you are back to square one.Do your cats get really cranky when it's time for pills? Are you afraid of getting bitten or scratched when you try to give your cat pills prescribed by your Vet? Do your dogs manage to eat everything BUT the pill? We are here to help!

Additionally, a study in a veterinary journal stated that  "After 5 minutes (of dry pilling) 84% of capsules and 64% of tablets are still sitting in the esophagus." The study also brought out the spectre of esophagitis, which can be caused by the irritation of pills and capsules remaining in the esophagus for long periods of time.

Disclaimer: For pets with allergies or compromised immune systems (ie.kidney failure), please seek the advice of your veterinarian before using this product.

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